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"Excellent music performed brilliantly. Our overflow audiences LOVE this band. The only question is — 

when can we book them again?" 

— Joe Keefe, Executive Director, Metropolis Performing Arts Centre



"If you are a 'Dan' fan, you owe it to yourself to see Deacon Blues - they've got all the right musicians

with all the right chops - they are an incredible tribute to the music of Steely Dan!" 

— Chicago Radio Personality Bob Stroud, WDRV-FM 97.1 FM The Drive



"As good or better than any ensemble I have ever played with . . . and that's a lot of stellar celebrities!  

DEACON BLUES is tight, groovy, exciting,  and just downright musical.  I will jump on a plane at a

moment's notice and go anywhere in the world to play with them!"

— Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, "The World's Most Recorded Drummer" and Steely Dan Session Drummer



"DEACON BLUES was sensational!  Everyone loved the show!  The band rocked Benton Harobor's Artoberfest!" 

— Ken Ankil and Tom Ives, New Territory Arts Association

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